Developments the Nicaraguan protest movement "Movimiento de los autoconvocados" since 16 April 2018

Since 16 April 2018, violent clashes have shaken up life and society in Nicaragua. As censorship is being exercised at the instigation of the government and independent information is only accessible via the social networks and a few print media, the FI is offering a forum for access to information outside the state censorship.

We are are currently updating the information, which we have clustered in four main categories:

* Dairy

Under this section you will find an extensive eyewitness report written by Dr. Hartmut Quehl with photographs.

* Media Information and Communiques

This section offers selected articles and ongoing information about what is currently happening in Nicaragua, with additional communiques from involved parties.

* Photo gallery and interviews
A photographic documentation of various protest sites was made available to the FI by the courtesy of the photographer, David Arias. Additionally, a first interviews with students participating in the protests is also already online.

* Letters from Managua

This section will present the e-mails of Denis Torres (head of MLK) addressed to Dr. Quehl and reporting of the latest developments in Nicaragua.