Photo gallery

The photographer, David Arias, has documented scenes from the days of protest. He has given his permission for the FI to set up a photo gallery on its website. The photos may be shared using a source reference (= Source: davidarias2018autoconvocado together with a reference to the URL of the FI).

Audio interview with participants of the "Movimiento de los autoconvocados"


On Sunday 23 April 2018, Denis Torres (head of MLK) and Dr. Harmut Quehl (director of FI) conducted an interview in Managua with a group of students who reported on their experiences with the protests and violence since the first day of the protest. The interviewees have agreed to the interview being published on the FI website. The audio file in Spanish is available here, a transcription and a translation will be made and published in the next few days. Forwarding and use of the audio file is permitted using the source reference (= Source: Interview_AutoCon_20180423_Managua_FI with reference to the URL of the FI and date of access).

INTERVIEW-PARTS (coming soon)