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ICRoV stands for „International Consortium for Research on Violence“ and has been founded in Erbil/Iraq in December 2013. ICRoV aims at interdisciplinary research on violence and conflict within a fundamental concept of ‘Human Security’ and ‘Human Rights’. Central topics we address are ‘Transitional Justice’, ‘Reconciliation’, and ‘Economic Reconstruction’.

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The Felsberg Institute for Education and Academic Research (Felsberger Institut e.V.) is a registered non-profit organisation established in July 2008.


The goal of the association is to stimulate and support academic research, to start educational initiatives and to create opportunities for people to meet. Through the association's activities centred on critical thinking, tolerance and creative exercises, we aim to encourage and develop solidarity, an international ethos and intercultural understanding.


The institute's activities relate to three main areas:

  1. Academic research

  2. Education

  3. Culture


The Felsberger Institut e.V. is an independent institution, which operates in regional as well as global networks and strives to connect local and international players.


The Felsberger Institut e.V. is supported in its work by an academic advisory board and a board of sponsors whose members are appointed every two years.


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